The Rock Island Skifflers circa 1958


Mick is the one with the stripe jumper that mum knitted. The band was formed during national service in Celle Germany with the Devonshire Regiment. Oddly the usual dress code for the group was regimental blues which hardly went well with the music but kept the army happy. Where are they now ? Mick was chuffed to recently hear from “The lad” on the left Neil Peterkin. The bass player was called Frank Burton. Please don’t hesitate to contact Mick if you have a connection to this motley crew!Skiffle – a style of popular music in the 1950s; based on American folk music and played on guitars and improvised percussion instruments.
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Now using the reverbnation music player where all recorded songs are posted for free streaming with a direct link to the Amazon store for the purchase of downloads.
The released albums are on the players below with free streaming and linked to the iTunes store.
After an extended break from music, Mick has started to appear locally at open mic clubs and folk clubs. He has been relying on other local musicians for support in the absence of the brilliant Jim Howden.
Apart from receiving the Express and Echo 2013 lifetime achievement business award and building a house whilst passing the 75 year mark, its been a quiet old year. However there are over twenty unrecorded songs on paper.
Aug 15 2013 ---- Mick hit the No 1 spot on the local charts of the Reverbnation.com music site for independent songwriters. The ranking is based on page activity coupled with the amount of song plays and fan sign up.
Oct 2013 Maybe Mick has more fans at his holiday home town in Axarquia Andalucia than at home. The "Insight" magazine for October has featured Mick in a very professional way. Nice full page of stuff which says he is shortly to make a new CD. ??
Aug 17 2015 --- Music has taken a back seat due to building a new home. Studio? Of course ! Sadly supporting guitarist Jim Howden died this year and will be greatly missed.
July 2016---Been writing a few new songs. Just a few appearances at the Barnfield Music Club. Set up the new studio and getting to work

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